Why participate in an eHealth record system?

  • Better access to accurate information about your patients, their medical history and treatment.
  • More time treating patients, less time spent tracking down records and test results.
  • Faster access to relevant information, helping you make better clinical decisions and save time.
  • Access to potentially life-saving patient information in an emergency.
  • To help patients, including those with chronic and complex conditions, better manage their health.
  • The more healthcare organisations that participate, the better connected the network will become, and the better it will serve you and your patients.

How will the eHealth record system work?

The national eHealth record system will provide access to key health information drawn from your patients’ health records. With your patients’ consent, this information can be quickly and securely shared with other healthcare professionals involved in your patients’ care.


An eHealth record will grow over time to contain a summary of your patients’ key healthcare events and activities, including medical history, allergies and current medications. The system is designed to be integrated into clinical information systems.


Eligible healthcare professionals can register with the Healthcare Identifiers Service right now to get ready for the eHealth record system.


Does it replace existing records?

eHealth records will not replace individual files held by healthcare providers but instead supplement them, ensuring key details are accessible when required anywhere in Australia 24/7.The national eHealth record system provides an active online record that follows your patients as they move through Australia’s health system, capturing important clinical and treatment information at different points in time. Healthcare professionals will continue to take and review clinical notes. More detailed patient information will be available on local clinical information systems, as per current practice.


Who can enter information into an eHealth record?

Only authorised healthcare professionals can add clinical data to an eHealth record and no one can alter that record once entered and uploaded to the national eHealth record system. Patients can only enter demographic and basic health information and keep private notes for their use. They will not be able to upload or edit a clinical document. A clinical document may be effectively removed from the eHealth record system if the patient requests this.

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